SUNY Oswego EMS Portal (formerly Virtual EMS)

 SUNY Oswego EMS Portal (formerly Virtual EMS)


Use this portal to browse for events and space.

Links for requesting space

          To request a table space in the Marano Campus Center, email the following information to 
             -submitter's name
             -submitter's phone number
             -sponsoring organization
             -event name
             -type of table space promotion (fundraiser, promotion, bakesale, etc.)
             -date(s) requested
             -event start time
             -event end time
             -additional information (optional)
          We apologize for this inconvenience.

Facilities Reservations and Use Policy

Pages 56-62 of the 2019-20 Student Handbook

Links to other request forms 



Event Management Office, Department of Campus Life

135 Marano Campus Center