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For Faculty, Staff and administrator assistance with event planning and reservations please contact:

Campus Events and Conference Services (CECS)
135 Marano Campus Center
Office Hours Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Campus Guests and Visitors wishing to make a reservation for a Conference or Youth Camp event:

Please contact:

Melissa Paestella
Assistant Director for Conference Services and Youth Policy Compliance

Registered Student Organizations

·      Only current students who are listed as reservation coordinators in Laker Life will be able to access reservation request templates.  Roster changes will not appear in the system for 24 hours. Please contact Student Engagement and Leadership for assistance at extension x5420 if you need assistance with your roster.

·      Please review your event program with Student Engagement and Leadership before reserving room space.

·      The EMS system will allow you to search for appropriate classrooms in Marano Campus Center.

·      The time frame for events is limited to two hours for registered student organization meetings.

·      All event spaces are confirmed "as is". 

·      We advise that you do not enter into vendor agreements, contracts or any other binding service until both Student Engagement & Leadership and Campus Events & Conferences teams have had an opportunity to review the agreement.

·      Please contact the Box Office a minimum of 15 business days in advance for ticketing needs.

·      Ticket scanning staff will be provided 30 minutes before and after your event start time.

·      Please be sure to include the number of free tickets needed for your event for VIP guests, performers, advisors, etc. in your total ticket requests and in your attendance counts for seating and catering. Please utilize the Presidential Appearance Request link below if you would like to invite President Nwosu to your event.

·      Please note that tickets will not be sold at the door of your event.

·      Reservations should be placed a minimum of 3 business days in advance for standard meetings. Larger events may require additional lead time. Events requested less than 3 business days in advance will not be approved. Reservations received during weekends or breaks will be reviewed on the following business day. 

·      Sheldon ballroom has a longer lead time for planning events. If reserving Sheldon ballroom, details for attendance, room set-up and event times must be finalized 7 business days in advance.

·      Catering orders should be finalized 3 business days before your event.

·      Reservations are not available on the following date:

o   Labor Day Weekend and Labor Day

o   Thanksgiving – Tuesday to Sunday of Thanksgiving week.

o   Fall Semester - Events and meetings are not scheduled after the last day of classes.

o   Friday before Spring Recess - Sunday of Spring Recess

o   Spring Semester- Events and meetings are not scheduled from the last day of classes/Oz Fest through Commencement.

Class Related Activities
 For any individual student who wishes to place a reservation for any meeting, presentation, program function, or other activity that is not an academic class but is part of or directly related to the University's curriculum, please provide class name, class number and professor's name when placing reservation request.

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